Linda Lovelace deep throat video

Another fresh week, and time for us to deliver one more sexy and hot Linda Lovelace deep throat video to you today. For this one the naughty brunette is at it again as she gets to have some more fun with a guy. And she chose this one wisely as she got herself a dude with quite a big cock so she will be roughly fucked just like the ladies from guysformatures galleries. She was more than eager and ready to see if she could fit that huge meat pole in her pussy this fine afternoon and you get to see the whole show everyone. So without further due, let’s sit back and get her sexy and lovely show on the road today once more!

She takes out his big dick and starts to work on it with her expert hands and juicy lips, and as you’ll see her sucking and deep throating that cock she just wants to get it in her cunt. After she made sure it was all nice and hard, watch as the naughty little hottie starts to ride it hard style with her tight pussy. So watch her sucking and fucking the lucky guy with a nig dick tonight, and enjoy the hot scene everyone. As always we’ll see you next time with some more of this hot and horny lady!

Linda Lovelace – Enjoying two cocks

Hi there once more guys and gals. Today we bring you some more fresh Linda content. And for this week we have a superb Linda Lovelace porn movie to show off. This particular video that you get to see here is a little compilation of the scenes from the movie, so head on over to the main site if you want to see the whole thing and this sexy brunette in action. The story goes as this; Linda is a house wife that enjoys having some extra fun while her man is away and she always manages to get her hands on some studs to have fun with. She is crazy about sex, just like the hot babes from the massage parlor site! Case in point, this afternoon she got two guys to come over to repair some stuff, but she just wanted to fuck them.

Well, how could the guys say no to this absolutely gorgeous woman. So then as she starts to work their cocks, you get to see her reach down in their pants as she grabs their cocks, and pulls them out as she stokes on them, and kisses both dudes. When she’s all ready to take her fucking you get to see this lovely lady as she presents her eager holes to them. You’ll get to see the brunette cutie as she gets double fucked by the two studs today. Enjoy the video guys and rest assured that there will be more for you next time. See you then everyone!

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Linda Lovelace movie – Golden age of porn

What can we say about this classic pornstar? She has one of the most recognizable names of the Golden Age of Porn. She was one of the most famous porn stars ever. Always magic on camera. She tasted, sucked and fucked some of the most notorious cocks ever. Don’t miss this one Linda Lovelace movie today guys. The scene itself has this sexy woman getting some lesbian action while the other guys, go for undressing them. And you can be sure that the sexy women are enjoying the treatment.

As the fucking properly starts off, the women go for the cocks, and you get to see the sexy Linda and her female companion as they suck the dudes’ big cocks to get them all nice and hard for their wet pussies. Watch them riding those cocks like true professionals today and have fun guys. The clip has some more scenes, but we want you to uncover those for yourselves and explore. So sit back and enjoy, and we’ll see you guys next week like always. If you can’t wait until then, check out the mile high media blog and see some gorgeous ladies getting their pink pussies stuffed! Have fun guys and don’t forget to stay tuned for the said updates!

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Linda Lovelace – For President video

An intentionally campy film designed to capitalize on Linda’s sudden fame following “Deep Throat”, this film centers around Linda’s fictional grass roots campaign to run for president. Touring the country with a rag-tag team of strange and wacky people, hilarity supposedly ensues at every stop. And rest assured  that you’ll be seeing some wacky and sexy Linda Lovelace video content with your favorite porn star this fine day today. Let’s not waste anymore time and sit back to enjoy this amazing little video with her. We can certainly tell you that it’s awesome.

It’s full of nice scenes and funny too. And throughout it, you’ll get to see the babe as she goes on her little trip. Everywhere she goes, she manages to show off her sexy nude body somehow and she doesn’t feel bad about it either. Sit back and watch her showing off her luscious nude curves once more for this update and enjoy everyone. As always we’re taking our leave for now and you’ll be sure to get some more of Linda’s sexy exploits next week. Until then enjoy it and have fun. Also you might visit the site and see some booty babes getting their tight asses stretched by big cocks!

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Linda Lovelace – Bedroom sex

This hot and fresh week we have here another superb and sexy little Linda Lovelace sex scene to show off. And as always this gorgeous woman is here to put on a great show for everyone to see. The scene has her getting it on with a dude in her bedroom. And it follows soon after she managed to get her slutty little hands on this guy after she picked him up at a bar. He caught her eye, and she was going to get him to fuck her properly for this evening. So as she worked her magic she convinced him to go back home with her!


Once they reached her place, the naughty lady locks the door behind them as she doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone or anything. Watch her getting undressed for the dude as she present him with her hot and sexy naked body. Then you get to see the classic retro pornstar lying on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide open for the dude, just like the classics from do!  Enjoy seeing her getting a proper dicking from the guy’s big cock this fine afternoon and enjoy. Like always we hope you liked it and come back next week for more of this sexy babe!

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Linda Lovelace – Hot threesome

Well hello there once more everyone. This fine day we managed to come across one superb and hot scene with miss Linda. It’s a nice Linda Lovelace video featuring the classic porn star engaging in a nice and hot threesome sex session with one of her female friends and her husband. The said couple are swingers, and they regularly enjoy having an extra person there to spice things up a bit in the bedroom. It’s not the first time that Linda gets to share the same cock with her best female buddy, so today she’d be in for a very nice time with them. Without further due, let’s sit back and enjoy the show that these three will put on for you guys!

It stars off in the couple’s bedroom as they all start to kiss passionately while removing one another’s clothes. As the guy lays on his back on the bed, the sexy women start to work on his cock as they give him the best double blow job that he can ever hope to get. Then the ladies start taking turns to ride his dick. So one is happily sliding up and down his cock, while the other one offers up her pussy for him to lick. No one needs to go unsatisfied today as you can clearly see. So enjoy it everyone and be sure to check out Linda’s past updates as well. We can promise you that you won’t be disappointed one bit. See you next week with more! Until then, enter the emo porn site and see some sexy tattooed chicks getting nailed!


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Linda Lovelace porn scene

Another fresh week and time for us to deliver one more superb Linda Lovelace porn update today. In this scene you will get to see your favorite classic porn star taking a guy for a ride along with his big cock as she has her fun with him. The scene has her going at this party, and she gets her eyes on a dude there. Well naturally she just needs to fuck this guys brains out tonight and she’s not going to take no for an answer because just like naughty Dolly Buster this hot chick loves to fuck every time she has the chance. Watch her as she puts her womanly charms to work as she seduces the lucky dude.


Sure enough she gets her way, and before you know it, this naughty lady has him in her snares. Then she takes him to a private room, where she makes quick work of the guy’s clothes, eager to fuck him as much as she wants. Watch her beginning the show as she gives him a nice and proper hand job to start things off nicely. Then you get to see this cutie climbing onto of his cock as she starts to ride it in the cowgirl position. So just sit back and enjoy seeing this cutie playing with and riding that cock for your enjoyment!

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Sexy Linda gets naked for the cam

Today, your favorite porn star is back with some more kinky and hot images. In her update this week you’ll get to see this cutie as she does some more strip teasing for the cameras and you. And let’s start with the first thing that you’ll probably get to notice. You’ll see that she went for a nice perm that made her hair look like a curly afro and we can only say that she looked super cute with it in these Linda Lovelace pics today. Then you’ll get to see her making her entry wearing her outfit for her stripping session this afternoon!

And it was a sweet little outfit composed of a mini dress and a sexy top with some nice cleavage. Now she may not have a enormous pair of tits, but they;re very cute and playful in their own way. The catch is that our naughty little lady wasn’t packing any panties or a bra underneath all of it, and she makes a fine point to show it off by lifting up her dress and showing off her pussy at first. Then you can see her getting completely naked and starting to pose and play by herself in her very own bed just for your viewing pleasure today. Enjoy and goodbye! If you are looking for more action, check some Nacho Vidal hardcore vids and have fun!


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Naughty Linda masturbating

Well here we are once more everyone. This fine week we bring you another superb scene featuring the sexy Linda. And for this one Linda Lovelace video scene you can see that the sexy lady let her hair grow long once more. For her shoot this time she’d be getting a bit more personal with you guys the viewers as she’d get around to see her pleasing her eager pussy in front of the cameras while you watched her. She literally said that she wanted you guys to get to know her body better, and she’d love you to watch her as she pleases herself in this afternoon. So let’s get it started and watch this woman go hard style on her sweet pussy.


Linda makes her entry wearing a nice and sexy outfit with some cute red and white motives. And at first, she does her usual strip tease for you. She wants to do it properly as she wants to introduce her sexy nude body gradually to you in this scene. Eventually she gets completely naked and as you’ll see, she takes her seat on a vintage chair as she starts to caress and massage her now nude body. Other hot scenes featuring Linda can be found on! Watch closely as the sexy woman spreads open her legs and begins to rub her pussy gently at first as she starts to moan. Then you can watch her as she works up some speed, fingering her sweet pussy fast and hard for you and the cameras. Watch her finish off with a nice orgasm and some more caressing!

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Linda posing naked outdoors

Hey there once more everyone, and welcome back to another superb and sexy Linda Lovelace porn update. This week’s gallery has the sexy lady do some more solo posing in the outdoors. We managed to come across this hot woman’s gallery from way back and as you can see she is as gorgeous as ever. For this gallery in particular it seems that the porn star cut her hair short and as you can probably see, her outdoor scene took place besides a pool. She wanted to give that photo shoot in particular a nice and easy going feel as she’d get to show off how she likes to relax every now and then. So lets get her show on the road for this update.

The scene starts with her wearing her favorite sexy swimsuit. And as you’d imagine, she always likes to wear it when she wants to get men’s attention. And you’ll get to see her take it for a ride as she gets herself all wet in the water as she swims. Then she climbs out and takes it off to show you her superb body once more, but this time she continues to do some more solo nude posing on some rocks while she dries off, and while she does it, you’ll get to see her spread her legs and show off her pussy and tits to you once more. Sit back and enjoy this absolutely amazing scene with her today everyone. Rest assured that you’ll see more of this sexy lady next week! If you wanna see another beautiful lady getting naked for the camera, check out the site!


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